Why Choose NASA HPDE and Time Trials?

In Nor Cal we realize that drivers have some choices. So we’re going to outline here what we offer that makes us stand out.

Track Time for Your Dollar
We offer the most inexpensive track per minute of all the groups, excluding specials. HPDE and Time Trial (TT) drivers enjoy at least four 20-minute sessions per day. It works out to be about $2 per minute where other clubs are charging an average that exceeds $3 per minute.

Weekend Events
All of our events are on premium weekends. We seldom run weekday events, so you don’t have to take days off of work. We offer HPDE separately each day or both days at a discount.

Most drivers don’t even consider this until they realize it’s an issue and they find out the event organizer is carrying the minimum amount required. NASA offers by far the most protection in the business. We have $1M in excess medical coverage. That means if you need to be airlifted to John Muir and the bill comes to $30k which is not covered by your own insurance you pay nothing as our insurance steps in. Most other groups only carry $25k in medical coverage so this is a vital benefit nearly unparalleled in the industry. We also cover you for third party liability insurance in case someone not participating in the event sues you for an accident such asa loose wheel injuring a spectator, for instance.

Time Trials
No other group offers Time Trials except a couple of car clubs. If you don’t own a Porsche, then you’re not likely going to be able to TT. This has become one of our most popular activities and enjoys massive success largely due to our copyrighted rules that fairly and easily classify any car.

Dedicated Time Trial Sessions
New for 2014 we offer the Time Trialers a dedicated run group.

We have dedicated, fully equipped safety / rescue trucks on full-time standby should the need arrive. Our staffing could vary slightly from event to event but our typical staffing consists of one doctor, one nurse, one MICP Paramedic, one lead paramedic, several EMTs, and several firefighters. All these people are specially trained to serve your specific needs at the track and our trucks carry all the equipment you would find on a typical fire department rescue vehicle including firefighting and extraction gear. This advantage can make the difference between life and death in a serious accident.

Fully Staffed Turns
We staff all of the appropriate flagging boxes and don’t cut corners in this, or any other, area of safety. All our flaggers are trained specifically for these events, and are there strictly for your safety.

Kids Club
We have a supervised play area staffed by two qualified providers that experienced and well trained. Most of the time we provide both indoor climate controlled play areas and outdoor bounce house areas. We also provide games, toys, and lunch for the kids.

We have the highest quality instructors that most other groups use as their standard. We offer mandatory instruction for novices to help make the track environmentmore controlled and we offer advanced instruction at select tracks (new for 2014). Instruction on any level doesn’t cost you any more money.

Saturday BBQ
This is probably the thing we are most known for and proud of. We do a full on dinner BBQ every Saturday night. Anyone can attend and you’re free to enjoy all you like.

NASA Nor Cal management has 25 years’ experience operating track events. Your safety and enjoyment is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with the NASA experience we’ll make it right or give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

We ask that you consider all these things when making your choices for driving activities.