NorCal 2024 Calendar

Welcome to NASA NorCal!

All listed events run all race groups and HPDE track days unless otherwise noted.

2024 Events:

Jan 27 – 2023 NorCal Banquet & Season Awards
March 23-24 Sonoma
April 13-14 Thunderhill
May 25-26 Sonoma
June 15-16 Thunderhill
July 20-21 Sonoma
NASA Championships – September – Miller Motorsports
October 12-13 Sonoma
November 9-10 Thunderhill

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Simplified Medical Certification for Racing Competitors

To streamline the process of medical certification for racing competitors, NASA has launched a new certification method. This allows eligible drivers to self-certify their existing medical evaluation. No need for a doctor visit. By completing the required forms and paying the processing fee ($50), racers over age 55 may self-certify, as NASA continues to recommend annual checkups by a doctor for all drivers.

EKG Requirement

Under the updated process, drivers ages 55 and above are required to submit a baseline 12-lead EKG tracing as part of their medical evaluation. Previously, this was required for  drivers age 45 above.

This change is designed to make it even easier for drivers to participate in NASA events while ensuring the safety of all members.

NASA remains committed to safe and enjoyable experiences for all members. These changes reflect the organization’s dedication to continually improvement.

See you at the track!

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