NorCal 2024 Calendar

Welcome to NASA NorCal!

All listed events run all race groups and HPDE track days unless otherwise noted.

2024 Events:

Jan 27 – 2023 NorCal Banquet & Season Awards
March 23-24 Sonoma
April 13-14 Thunderhill
May 25-26 Sonoma
June 15-16 Thunderhill
July 20-21 Sonoma
NASA Championships – September – Miller Motorsports
October 12-13 Sonoma
November 9-10 Thunderhill

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NASA NorCal HPDE & Time Trials

At NASA NorCal, our driving programs make us stand out from the crowd!  HPDE and Time Trial (TT) drivers enjoy at least four 20-minute sessions per day.  Our beginning HPDE 1 drivers get a dedicated instructor and group download sessions to assist the learning process.

Weekend Events
All of our events are on premium weekends so you don’t have to take days off work.  We offer HPDE as a single day or two-day event (HPDE 1-4 are discounted for two-day registrations).

NASA offers the most comprehensive protection in the business, carrying $1M in excess medical coverage, an amount nearly unmatched in the industry.  What this means for you is that if you have an accident on track that requires you to be airlifted to the hospital the bill is covered by our insurance.  We also cover you for third-party liability insurance in case a spectator sues you for injury caused by you or your car, such as a loose wheel flying into the crowd.

Time Trials
Time Trials has become one of our most popular run groups and enjoys massive success.  A license for TT is inexpensive and doesn’t require the driver to obtain a medical evaluation.  If you’ve climbed the HPDE ladder but aren’t quite ready for wheel-to-wheel racing, TT is a great group for you to continue to push and develop your track driving skills.

We have dedicated, fully-equipped safety and rescue trucks at each event.  We typically staff a doctor and nurse, a MICP paramedic and lead paramedic, and several EMTs and firefighters.  These medical professionals are specially trained to support our drivers at the track.  Our trucks carry equipment you would find on a typical fire department rescue vehicle, including firefighting and extraction gear.

Fully Staffed Corner Boxes
For maximum track visibility throughout the event, we staff all of the appropriate corner flagging boxes. All of our flagging personnel are trained specifically for these events and are there for your safety.

We are proud to offer our drivers some of the most highly-experienced instructors in the industry.  Many of our instructors have been with us for over a decade or more!  We offer complimentary instruction for novices (HPDE 1) to support their learning experience and provide a controlled driving environment.  For advanced instruction, our licensing instructors will evaluate your driving skills ahead of receiving a competition license.

Saturday BBQ at Thunderhill
This is probably the thing we are most known for and proud of.  After a full and fun day on the track on Saturday, we offer an unmatched BBQ buffet to every participant and their guests!  Slow-cooked meat, fresh fruit, healthy green salad, sumptuous backed beans, and seasoned yellow corn are typically on the menu.   Don’t miss the free beer and margaritas, too!

NASA Nor Cal management has over 30 years of experience operating track events. Your safety and enjoyment is our top priority.  We invite you to join our family of drivers and we look forward to sharing one of our track events with you!