Aug 13-14 Thunderhill Event

There is still time to register for the event. Weather looks to be great, and best of all Spec Miata and SE30 will be running Llihrednuht both days and TT will run it on Sunday. Online Registration closes on Aug 10 at noon. If you miss the deadline you can still register at the track for an additional $100.

Registration page is here:

Schedule and Paddock Maps are here: Reminder that the schedule and maps are tentative until Wednesday at noon when they become official.

MyLaps X2 Transponder Help

All NASA Drivers,

It has come to our attention at NASA NorCal that MyLaps X2 Transponders are introducing certain challenges to drivers, and NASA officials are attempting to help MyLaps and drivers resolve them.

The earlier Flex (red/white) and the X260 (red) models are not affected.

MyLaps is working with NASA to ensure a smoother install and set up, and has published updated instructions and troubleshooting information. Third party video instruction is also included below.

One problem can occur when the installtion of the X2 transponder and “racekey” devices do not match with the user’s subscription as downloaded to the racekey device. There may be other hardware installation issues which may complicate troubleshooting as well. It is recommended that drivers first make certain that their MyLaps subscription is properly downloaded to their RaceKey device and that the installtion matches the subscription type i.e. Rechargable or Direct Power (DP).

Drivers may wish to delay adoption of the X2 until these issues are reliably solved. Meanwhile, if you already have an X2 transponder from MyLaps review the following:

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