Event Photo & Video

For NASA Members & Supporters:

Event images can be found in the following online platforms:

Please note: NASA NorCal doesn’t have staff photographers. For more info or related inquiries, please email [email protected].

For Photographers:

If you’re a photographer attending a NASA NorCal event:

You’re welcome to join us and shoot photo/video with the following in mind:

  1. NASA retains copyrights to all images captured at and during our events.
  2. Safety is paramount! See Safety Precautions below.
  3. Let us know in advance that you plan to join us by either means:
    1. Email [email protected] with your intended event date and contact info.
    2. Check-in at the registration trailer when you arrive, and ask for a photographer safety briefing.
  4. Safety Precautions:
    • Look out!  While focused on your photography, remain extremely vigilant, 360 degrees, at all time.  In the paddock and on the track, anything can happen.  You will have signed a release of liability to gain access to the track.  Your safety is your responsibility and you must seek and follow direction from event staff, for others safety as well as your own.
    • Unless you have advance clearance by event staff, do not attempt to approach the track.  You must remain in public areas, behind track boundaries and barriers.
    • To obtain clearance and the required vest to signal additional access to event staff, let us know before or during the event by means listed above (#3).
    • When you obtain clearance for closer proximity to the track you must seek and follow direction from event staff, first foremost that the nearest “corner worker” at each flag station.  Failure to follow their direction could result in reduced access or removal.
    • If you capture images of (rare) injuries or accidents, do not share or publish them.  Reserve them to share only with NASA staff.
    • Use the following hashtags for all social media posts of NASA NorCal events: #NasaNorCal #DriveNASA

Our events are extremely visual and story-rich. Please do share your images with the provisions and precautions above.  Thank you for your interest in photography/videography at NASA NorCal events!  Your participation is very much appreciated.