Sonoma Raceway night testing completed

Light testing and track configuration checks have been completed for the first ever night endurance race held at Sonoma Raceway.

In a joint effort between Sonoma Raceway Staff and NASA NorCal Officials lighting checks were completed, reflective marker placement determined and several laps driven to monitor new lighted “flags” at corner stations.

Sonoma staff was impressed with the level of safety that NASA brings to the table with new LED wands to use in all corner stations. They are bright and easily seen from a distance.

NASA Officials on hand enjoyed the opportunity to be part of history, drive on the road course at night and bring road racing to a cool Sonoma Evening. Jerry Kunzman stated “Our Endurance drivers are really going to enjoy what basically is a new track that they have driven before. Playing in and out of the front half lighting is going to be a great experience for everyone.”

Will Faules, NASA National Event Director was on hand to oversee the setup. He commented “It was great driving in and out of the lights on this track. I’ve enjoyed racing here for years, but to drive it at night is awesome.”

The Western Endurance Racing Championship Series (WERC) 3 hour Enduro will take place on November 9th, 2013 with the green flag dropping at 4pm and the checkered waving at 7pm.