Photographers – Join Us!

Welcome Photographers!

Event photographers generally come in two delicious flavors; hobbyist photographers, including member’s friends and family. And professional, commercial photographers – for whom photography provides income. NASA NorCal welcomes both hobbyists and pro/commercial photographers equally. However, pro/commercial need some additional information:

General Information – Pro and/or Hobbyist:

Safety is paramount!  Please review the Safety Precautions below.

  • Watch out! While focused on your photography, remain extremely vigilant, 360 degrees, at all times.  In the paddock and on the track, anything can happen.
    You will have signed a release of liability to gain access to the track. Your safety is your responsibility yet you must seek and follow direction from event staff, for other’s safety as well as your own.
  • Unless you have obtained pre-clearance by event staff in advance (indicated by NASA’s Official Media Credential plus Safety Vest) you must remain in public areas, behind track boundaries and barriers, at all times and locations.
  • If you capture images of (rare) accidents or injuries, do not share or publish them. Reserve them to share only with NASA staff. For this reason alone NASA retains copyright to all images captured of our events.
  • Use the following hashtags for all social media posts of NASA NorCal events: #NasaNorCal #DriveNASA
  • ALL attendees, participants, family, friends and photographers must pay the track’s entry fee at the gate, unless you posses a NASA NorCal Official Credential card.

Download, print and bring to the event:


Professional & Commercial Photographers:

If you would like to shoot one of our NorCal events, please contact the Media Manager, Michael Cummings, with your intended event date and contact info: [email protected].

All of the above General Information applies, plus:

The following are required for special close proximity access to the race track, indicated to track and event staff a NASA NorCal issued media credential and vest:

  1. Attend a safety orientation
    1. Attest to safety regulations acceptance
    2. Attest to track access restrictions; areas that are off limits per race track
  2. Agree to cross-promotion conditions
  3. Agree to follow direction from track management, NASA event staff, and all corner workers
  4. Agree to pay the track’s entry fee at the gate unless you possess, and display at track entry, a NASA NorCal Official media credential card.
  5. Agree use the following hashtags for all social media posts of NASA NorCal events: #NasaNorCal #DriveNASA

NASA NorCal’s HPDE and auto racing events are extremely rich in visual action, excitement and passion. Please share your images with us and others with the provisions and precautions above.

Thank you for your interest in photography/videography at NASA NorCal events!

Additional inquiries – contact: [email protected] or [email protected]