New Spec Miata Class For NorCal Region

Napa Valley, CA – The Norcal region of NASA is announcing an exciting change to the newly announced offer for Spec Miata drivers looking to try out NASA. Spec Miata racers that have not raced with NASA in the last 3 years (2010 or prior) will be given FREE race entry for the remainder of the 2013 season! You read that correctly. If you have not raced Spec Miata with NASA Norcal in the last 3 years, you are eligible to race with NASA for FREE for the rest of the season! You simply need a NASA membership and competition license to start taking advantage of the exciting offer and NASA has made that a very simple process as well. Just give the National office a call or email the Spec Miata regional leader for any additional information you might need. You can also find all the required information on the NASA website. To make things as easy as possible, competitors will only need to provide a valid SCCA license to qualify for a NASA competition license. SpecMiata racers holding a valid SCCA logbook will be permitted to use this logbook for racing with NASA during the rest of the season. As an added bonus, you will also be eligible to try out our Performance Touring class at the normal reduced “Supersize” rate. That is a whole lot of racing for very little money if the SM group just isn’t enough track time for you.

Following along the lines of making things simple, the NorCal Region of NASA also created a new class, SMH for drivers that may already be racing on Hoosier SM6 tires (205/50-15 Only). As another fantastic bonus, there will be a special contingency program for this new SMH class offered courtesy of NASA NorCal. NASA Norcal will provide 2 free Toyo RR tires to the first place finisher if there are 3 or more starters, and 1 free Toyo RR tire to the 2nd place finisher if there are 5 or more starters. Contingency awards will be available for both Saturday and Sunday races. SMH competitors will be identified by distinctive purple identifiers provided by NASA.

“We implemented these changes to allow all the West Coast Spec Miata racers the extremely easy and affordable options of joining us for the rest of the season to see just how much fun the NASA program really is” said Jerry Kunzman, Regional Director of the Norcal Region of NASA. “We are very proud of our program and believe drivers will thoroughly enjoy the NASA model if they have an easy path laid out in front of them to try it. We believe this so strongly that I am personally paying to provide these new folks with a fantastic contingency program that makes it easy for them to win enough Toyo RR tires to transition into the NASA program without having to even purchase a single tire! We look forward to welcoming these new and returning competitors back to the NASA family and hope they enjoy the wonderful program we have created in the Norcal Region of NASA.”

One last change of note along the same lines of making it easy to get involved with NASA Norcal’s SM class is the new announcement that in addition to the Toyo RR tire currently permitted in the class, NorCal NASA SM drivers will also be permitted to use the Toyo RA-1, and R888 tires during competition in the Spec Miata class (SM). This will allow competitors to choose tires based on their own needs and budgets. ** Please note, only competitors running RRs will be eligible for the official Toyo Tires Contingency program.

To sign up or for more information please contact the NASA NorCal SpecMiata director Craig Evans at