NASA has lost an incredible talent, friend, and racer – one of the true greats…. Tommy O.

NASA has lost an incredible talent, friend, and racer – one of the true greats…. Tommy O.
It is with deep sorrow that we say good-bye to Tommy Oliver. He was a friend to NASA, a role model for many, and an inspiration to all that were blessed to have known him. His racing career encompassed years of passionate, selfless dedication to the sport we all know and love and to furthering the success of many others in doing so.

“Tommy” as he was known by his friends began ripping up the tracks of Northern California in the large fields of the beloved Pro7 Series. There wasn’t a single racer who didn’t know who Tommy O was and if you were anywhere near the front of the pack odds are Tommy was either in your windshield or fixed on your rear bumper.

Tommy then moved on to Spec Miata where once again he proved himself to be a true race car driver with driving skills and determination that was unparalleled. In both of these fields Tommy was one of the highly sought after endurance drivers and any team blessed with him as a team mate could rest assured they had an ace in the hole.
As soon as the Spec E30’s began hitting the track Tommy was again showing his drivers prowess and many attributes always making a run for the podium. In short… Tommy O was one of the most exciting drivers NASA ever saw.

Tommy was one hell of a fierce competitor that refused to give an inch on the track but when all was said and done he was the first to walk up, give you a cold brew, a hug and always showed a willingness to help anyone and that even included competitors in his class. Tommy knew what all great racers know… If you can’t beat the very best, you can never say you are one of the best. Tommy did and Tommy was.

During Tommy’s final days he didn’t feel sorry or act as if he was dealt a bad hand. In fact he continued to wear that huge smile we all have seen him with all these years and best of all he told his friends that he knew he was a blessed man and was lucky to have done all he had done. Many of us will feel a moist tear in our eye as we stand alone at any track where Tommy Raced and remember him making those pass’s and will forever hear his jubilance while getting out of his car at impound. Tommy was a racers racer, a mentor, a fine gentleman and friend to many and will remain forever missed and loved.

Tommy would be the first to tell you he didn’t lose to Cancer but in fact the next time we see him he will surely say, “Was that one hell of a ride or WHAT!”
God’s Speed Tommy O.