2018 Season Dates have been Secured

We are happy to announce our 2018 Season dates and tracks. We have not currently set what groups will be running on any particular date. So hurry and get your request into your boss so you can have all the track days off. Don’t miss a single event.


March 17-18 Sonoma
April 14-15 Thill
May 19-20 Sonoma
June 16-17 Sonoma
August 4-5 Thill
September 8-9 Sonoma No NASA Race groups so racers can get ready for Champs.
September 13-16 Championships COTA
October 27-28 Sonoma
Dec 1-2 Thill (25 Hour)

2016 Season Awards/Standings

Are you wondering if it is worth coming to the banquet? Did you Win an award? How about your team mate? You could just come to cheer for and support all the racers, and those that work behind the scenes to make the weekend so great. Safety team, T&S, Race Control, Grid, Race Directors, Kids Club, HPDE Instructors, and so many more.

Here is the list of the racing and TT awards being presented.

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