2016 Season Awards/Standings

Are you wondering if it is worth coming to the banquet? Did you Win an award? How about your team mate? You could just come to cheer for and support all the racers, and those that work behind the scenes to make the weekend so great. Safety team, T&S, Race Control, Grid, Race Directors, Kids Club, HPDE Instructors, and so many more.

Here is the list of the racing and TT awards being presented.

Place Name Class
1st Corey Weber American Iron
2nd Don Lariviere American Iron
3rd Daryl Staehle American Iron
1st Christopher Steyn American Iron Xtreme
2nd Andrew Steyn American Iron Xtreme
3rd Ken Kurtz American Iron Xtreme
1st Forest Cook GTS1
2nd Shawn Parr GTS1
3rd Team PLG GTS1
1st Ben Winter GTS2
2nd Steve Schilling GTS2
3rd Oner Khera GTS2
1st Ruben Ducheyne GTS3
2nd Billy Maher GTS3
3rd Jimmy Casey GTS3
1st Pete Bovenberg Honda Chal 1
2nd Andrew Ogilvie Honda Chal 1
1st Thomas Pitre Honda Chal 2
2nd James Markarian Honda Chal 2
3rd Carl Young Honda Chal 2
1st Steve Wilson Masters
2nd Thomas Woehrle Masters
3rd James Laughlin Masters
1st Team Valkyrie Autosport NP01 NP01
2nd Team Stop Tech NP01
3rd Jeremy Croiset NP01
1st Team 2Ken Racing PRC-944Spec
2nd Ronald Dale PRC-944Spec
3rd Jim Richmond PRC-944Spec
1st Dougie Braddock Pro
2nd Luis Tyrrell Pro
3rd Frankie Marks Pro
1st James Holloway PTC
2nd Todd Snyder PTC
1st J.D. Koos PTD
2nd Team Hosee Lo PTD
3rd Charlie Hayes PTD
1st Justin Ross PTE
2nd Stephen McHenry PTE
3rd Bill Brown MD PTE
1st Peter Soto Semi Pro
1st Team Riley Racing Spec E46
2nd Team Kontrolle Engineering /TFB Spec E46
3rd Team BTM Motorwerks Michael Shawhan Spec E46
1st Justin Casey Spec Miata
2nd Nick Sommers Spec Miata
3rd Matthew Cresci Spec Miata
1st Team Shawhan Racing SpecE30
2nd Team Clough Construction SpecE30
3rd Sean Quinlan SpecE30
1st Dustin Decker STR3
1st Team Life's Good Racing! -96 Super Touring 1
2nd Ronald Swenson Super Touring 1
3rd Romain Thievin Super Touring 1
1st Justin Bordonaro Super Touring 2
1st Tristan Littlehale Super Touring 3
2nd Tony Colicchio Super Touring 3
3rd Sean Wheeler Super Touring 3
1st Team Davidson Racing Super Unlimited
2nd Uwe Druckenmüeller Super Unlimited
3rd Team Rattlesnake Electric Sport Super Unlimited
1st Tom Boyd ThunderRoadster
2nd Brian Gibson ThunderRoadster
3rd David Standridge ThunderRoadster
1st Robert Herr  TTU
2nd David Gallagher  TTU
3rd Jim Williams  TTU
1st Team 808  TT1
2nd Team Edge Motorworks #1  TT1
3rd Donny Edwards  TT1
1st PJ Kiely  TT2
2nd Ronald Swenson  TT2
3rd Russ Taylor  TT2
1st Mark Gracy  TT3
2nd Sean Wilson  TT3
3rd Robert Haynes  TT3
1st Jon Burgis  TTB
2nd Jacob Layman  TTB
3rd Jan Bass  TTB
1st Paul Geddings  TTC
2nd Kevin Pankhurst  TTC
3rd Chuck Haney  TTC
1st Team Performance In-Frame  TTD
2nd Zak Lance  TTD
3rd John Ehni  TTD
1st Walter Feyling TTE
2nd Darsie Evans TTE
3rd Randy Evans TTE
1st Hugh Carter  TTF
2nd Ray Helstrom  TTF
3rd Team Edge Motorworks #2  TTF
1st Road Shagger Racing E0
2nd El Diablo Motorsports E0
3rd Team BMW Z4 E0
1st Phantom Motorworks E1
2nd El Dorado Motorsports E1
3rd Team HPD - RSX E1
1st BuzzBomb Racing E2
2nd Team HPDRC E2
3rd Team Creative Strokes E2
1st Sampson Racing E3
2nd 805 Racing E3
3rd Team Pond E3
1st Team Rangers ENP
2nd Valkyrie AutoSport ENP
1st Truspeed Autosport ES
2nd Prototype Development Group ES
3rd Team ColdCock Whiskey Super Truck ES